Verna L. Nelson, M.A, MFT - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist“We can all use a different perspective from time to time. I provide a respectful, supportive, and confidential environment in which to explore feelings, think more clearly, overcome obstacles, and achieve success.” – Verna L. Nelson, M.A., MFT
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If you want to…
  • Create purpose and hope in your life
  • Improve understanding and your ability to make changes
  • Better control the fears or regrets that can cloud your thinking
  • Increase communication and intimacy in your relationship
  • Enhance connection and understanding with your friends and family
Verna provides…
  • Counseling on managing the stress and anxieties of everyday life
  • Deeper, emotion-based therapy for individuals looking for more
  • Couples counseling to improve relationships
  • Support and coaching to help teens manage transitions
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