• How Therapy Can Help

    Therapy can help you understand yourself better and help you make the important changes in your life that you desire to make. Affecting change can also be a subtle process and at times it may not feel worth the effort it takes. But the “Aha!” moments will come, and the journey that is your life… [Continue Reading]

    How Therapy Can Help
  • Individual Therapy

    Therapy exists to provide professional help so you can take control of your life and create the changes in your life you desire. Individual therapy is not always easy or straightforward. And the length of time, and amount of work, it takes to be effective depends on your goals and your commitment to affecting change.… [Continue Reading]

    Individual Therapy
  • Couples Counseling

    Sometimes the most difficult part of relationships is learning to accept that no one has the perfect relationship because none of us is a perfect person. We are each wonderfully different and complex… unique and flawed in different ways. When we can explore our differences without fear, we can enjoy the strengths each person brings… [Continue Reading]

    Couples Counseling
  • Teen Therapy

    Therapy provides a safe, confidential, and supportive environment for teens to explore thoughts about their life in the presence of another person. I am not a friend or family member that needs to be protected or impressed, and this special relationship allows teens to be more open in their communication and self-exploration, as well as… [Continue Reading]

    Teen Therapy